4 Cylinder Sedan Qld Title Nominations

18/01/11…Pam Franz

Nominations for the 2011 4 Cylinder Sedan Qld Title officially closed last Friday 14th January.  Below is a list of nominations to hand at this time.  If you have posted your nomination and your name does not appear in the list please contact Title Co-Ordinator Paul Gannon on 0411 475 603 urgently.  Due to the recent flooding in all parts of Qld Australia Post have notified us that they have a back log of mail to deliver – if you nomination was posted prior to the closing date it will still be accepted without a late nomination fee being charged.

Darryn Collins, Brock Armstrong, Gary Cartwright, Brad Clarke, Russell Cowley, Toby Cryer, James Elliott, Brodie Gibson, Blake Hancock, Toby Holtom, Graham Humphreys, Mark Kelly, Peter Kluytenberg, Michael Lavis, Michael Mason, Alistair Mathers, Ron Oliver, Len Pavey, Wayne Petersen, Hamish Redman, Paul Redman, David Richardson, Glenn Richters, Daniel Smith, Lillian Smith, Robert Smith, Peter Stretton, Tim Weir, Kurt Wilson