2nd Pit Area Safety Compliance Audit

25/11/09…Pam Franz

At the Mothar Mountain Speedway meeting held on 21st November, 2009, a QSCA appointed person completed another audit of 10 random pit bays.  The audit covered – fire extinguishers, axle stands, covered footwear by crew and driver and race gear.  The result of this audit was once again 95% compliance.

The item which is responsible for the less than 100% result being sought is the lack of Fire Extinguishers – once again on this occasion 2 of the 10 audited pit bays did not have a Fire Extinguisher – reason given – haven’t got around to purchasing one yet.  It is disappointing to find such complacency for such an important safety item.

All licenced drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure all safety requirements are met at all times.

Point of interest is that recently at a race meeting there was a fire in a generator in the pit area – reason for this not becoming a news item – the quick action of people around who had access to fire extinguishers – this could have become a major news story had it not been for the quick acting/quick thinking people in the adjacent pit bay areas.

Remember – Qld Diesel Spares at Burpengary have 2.3kg ABE Fire Extinguishers available at the small cost of $55 including GST.  If you use other than Unleaded Fuel you require either a 9 litre Foam or 9 litre Water fire extinguisher to met your pit safety requirement.