2019/20 SSA Super Sedan Qld Title – Kingaroy 14th December 2019


Speedway Sedans Queensland are excited for the upcoming weekend at the IBRP Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday 14th December 2019.  29 nominations are to hand for this event – the largest contingent of nominations for a SSA Super Sedan Qld title since it was last held at the same venue in 2014.

Some of Australia’s best Super Sedan pilots will battle it all out over one night at the Kingaroy showgrounds with National Champion Matty Pascoe looking to win his sixth QLD Title and 4th in a row.

Four Time Champion Wayne Randall is joined in the field by fellow former winners Darren Kane (2), Matthew Williams and Victorian Mick Nicola Snr.

Toowoomba’s Sean Black has been the runner up in the last two QLD Super Sedan Titles and already has a main event win this summer in the McCosker Super Sedan Series.

Nominations (29)

A1 Matt Pascoe
L3 Tania Smith
RK3 Matthew Williams
V3 Mick Nicola
C6 Wayne Randall
LVSA7 Colin Kaine
SSA15 Gavin Northfield
M16 Sam Grundy
C20 Nicholas O’Keefe
SSA26 Sean Black
RK29 Darren Saunders
RK31 Brendan Doyle
SB31 Travis Barron
C35 Carter Armstrong
SSA36 Darren Kane
GL39 Bob McCosker
Q41 Kyall Fisher
NQ44 Trent Wilson
N47 Daryl Moon
SSA47 Barry Craft
B51 Zac Pascoe
N57 Tyson Moon
RK63 Justin Smithwick
CR71 Shayne Lau
B76 Ian Brims
C77 Sam Roza
W81 Gary Higgs
SB84 Brendon Kelly
C98 Michael Hally

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