2015/16 Street Stock Title Winner Stephen English

09/12/15….Pam Franz…courtesy of SSA Media Jason Crowe

Gympie’s  Stephen English, has recorded the biggest win of his career, by winning the Queensland Street Stock Title last Saturday night, at the Lucas Oils, Kingaroy Speedway.

In an extraordinary A Main, the 40 lap Championship decider had six lead changes, something very rare in a Title event.

Interstate drivers dominated qualifying, with Victorian Champion Brad McClure and South Australian, Jason Duell starting on the front row.  Northern Territory Champion Justin Brumfield would start from position three, with Travis Hutchison starting from position four, as the highest ranked Queensland driver.

The race started predictably with Brad McClure going to the lead, but the race was under caution after one lap, ultimately resulting in the demise of Scott McDermott and Brad Mendes.

On the resumption, McClure would lead Duell, Brumfield and Ricky Throckmorton.

The fourth lap would see multiple changes, with Duell taking the lead from McClure, while Throckmorton went from fourth to sixth, elevating Stephen English and Travis Hutchison, who didn’t get the best of starts.

English moved to third on lap six, as the big field settled around the Kingaroy Showgrounds venue.

Hutchison moved back to fourth on lap twelve, demoting Brumfield to fifth, while a lap later English would pass McClure to move into second place.  English was not done, closing on Duell and making the pass to take the lead on lap fifteen.

The race intensified at the half way mark, with a great battle for the lead.  Firstly McClure moved back to second, relegating Duell back to third, but a lap later, Duell passed both McClure and English to take back the lead for a second time.

McClure started to slowly go back through the field as his tyres started to go off, as Travis Hutchison and Stuart Robinson started to get involved for the lead.

Duell’s second time in the lead lasted just two laps as Duell suffered electrical issues, before English took the lead back, while Hutchison passed Duell as well, as positions changed continually.

With Duell slowing and going back through the field, English was then challenged by Hutchison, who took the lead with thirteen laps remaining.  English, Robinson and Duell were close by at the race entered the final ten laps.

Victorian, Ricky Throckmorton and West Australian Andrew Norton, also started to come into contention as race positions continued to change.

Not to be denied, English took the lead back with five laps remaining, with Hutchison relegated to second, while Robinson, Throckmorton and Norton were fighting still for the minor placings.

In the concluding stages, English (right) opened a gap and took the Queensland Street Stock Title from Hutchison and Robinson, who practically crossed the line together, with just 0.057 separating the pair.  Andrew Norton passed Throckmorton on the final lap to grab fourth, while Jason Duell persisted in the final stages to finish sixth.

The top twelve drivers finishing with Justin Brumfield who suffered mechanical dramas throughout the race, completed the full distance, highlighting the closeness of the event.

For English, he joins Josh Arthur and inaugural winner Anthony Beare as the winners of the Queensland Title.


B Main – 12 Laps: 1. SB6 Nic Stein, 2. RK888 Roger Langley, 3. NT53 Colin Fry, 4. RK17 Beau Saunders, 5. RK5 Ryley Haynes, 6. C88 Josie Thompson, 7. SB777 Brad Mendes, 8. BB93 Brandon Hough, 9. RK14 Bradley Hore, 10. SB17 Dylan Jarman, 11. RK31 Gillian Koch, 12. SB11 Shane Ellis

1. SB6 Nic Stein, 2. RK17 Beau Saunders, 3. SB11 Shane Ellis, 4. SB777 Brad Mendes, 5. RK5 Ryley Haynes, 6. NT3 Colin Fry, 7. BB93 Brandon Hough, 8. RK31 Gillian Koch, 9. RK888 Roger Langley, 10. SB17 Dylan Jarman (11 laps), 11. C88 Josie Thompson (8), 12. RK14 Bradley Hore (6). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.370, Fastest Lap: 19.539 SB6 Nic Stein

A Main – 40 Laps: 1. V1 Brad McClure, 2. S18 Jason Duell, 3. NT1 Justin Brumfield, 4. M7 Travis Hutchison, 5. V18 Ricky Throckmorton, 6. G22 Stephen English, 7. W40 Andrew Norton, 8. V36 Stuart Robinson, 9. C99 Peter Thompson, 10. SB88 Nathan Barbeler, 11. G68 Allen Nottage, 12. RK88 Troy Langley, 13. SB6 Nic Stein, 14. SB24 Scott McDermott, 15. SB11 Shane Ellis, 16. RK53 Gareth Keith, 17. RK17 Beau Saunders, 18. SB777 Brad Mendes, 19. RK5 Rylen Haynes, 20. NT19 Brett Brooks.

1. G22 Stephen English, 2. M7 Travis Hutchison, 3. V36 Stuart Robinson, 4. W40 Andrew Norton, 5. V18 Ricky Throckmorton, 6. S18 Jason Duell, 7. SB6 Nic Stein, 8. RK88 Troy Langley, 9.G68 Allen Nottage, 10. C99 Peter Thompson, 11. RK17 Beau Saunders, 12. NT1 Justin Brumfield, 13. SB11 Shane Ellis (37 laps), 14. V1 Brad McClure (28), 15. SB88 Nathan Barbeler (24), 16. NT19 Brett Brooks (22), 17. RK5 Ryley Haynes (19), 18. RK53 Gareth Keith (13), 19. SB777 Brad Mendes (1), 20. Scott McDermott (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.001, Fastest Lap: 19.060 G22 Stephen English

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