2014 Modified Sedan Qld Title Field Released

22/05/2014…Pam Franz

The 2014 Modified Sedan Title will be held at Moranbah Speedway in Central Queensland on the June long weekend of 7th & 8th June with a field of 48 nominations to hand – PRACTICE WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY 7pm to 9pm with a BBQ available prior to Practice commencing.
Shane Macdonald
Allan Nash
Darren Baldwin
Benny Cross
Dave Manly
Kent Menzies
Todd Doyle
Rodney Pammenter
Brady Roberts
Brendan Kennedy
Brodie Boss
Max Clarke
Bradley Jennings
Matt Hawkings
Wayne Gilroy
Chris Ohl
Johnno Collins
Tegan Jennings
Shannon Blackburn
Jeff Smith
Robert Trapp
Lucas Gibson
Adam Jorgensen
Brandon Atto
Mark Raymont
Brett Brady
Aidan Raymont
Jess Raymont
Nathan Macdonald
David Jacobi
Craig Franz
Jason Barnard
Matt Thomas
Gavin Fletcher
Brenton Scott
Karl Geisler
Brett Barron
Cameron Birch
Ross Bullimore
Graham Kleinhans
Lee Volk
Myles Gilroy
Tony Anderson
Peter Gray
Quintin Clarke
Darren Pearson
Jason Beer
David Barbeler

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