2013/14 Season Update Information

29/05/13…Pam Franz

OFFICIALS REGISTRATIONS – check yours today – when does it expire – your officials registration expires with the expiry of your Personal Accident speedway insurance – reminder that ALL Qld officials will be required to attend an Accreditation training session prior to the renewal of your Officials Registration for the 13/14 season. New form will be uploaded to the QSCA website in due course.

CAR REGISTRATIONS – The 2013/14 season is just around the corner – already the QSCA is processing and issuing 2013/14 car registrations – so get your car daylighted and beat the rush. All current car registrations expire on 30th June. A 13/14 registration is OK to use from now. No increase in the cost for the second year in a row. New form will be uploaded shortly to the website.

INFRINGEMENT CARDS – check yours today – when does your speedway insurance and infringement card expire? Will you need to have a medical this year to renew your Speedway Australia insurance – you need a new one every second year for those under 40 years old and every year for those 40 years and over.
New paperwork available for the application of your Infringement Card/Competition Licence – will be available on QSCA website in due course.

VALIDITY OF SPEEDWAY AUSTRALIA LICENCE (INSURANCE) – it was reiterated (reinforced) at the ASCF/SSA Board meeting recently by representatives from Speedway Australia and Marsh (the broker) that until drivers and officials have the plastic Speedway Australia card in your hand physically – you are NOT insured should you have a need to make a claim. So in simple terms – do not wait till the last moment to renew or apply for your Speedway Australia card – if your Speedway Australia runs out in July renew it in June – the new one will still be valid until 12 months from the original expiry date.

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