2012 Qld Modified Production Title Field Released

18/05/12…Pam Franz…updated 20/05/12…updated 21/05/12

Nominations for the upcoming Qld Modified Production Title close officially today 18th May, 2012.  Great numbers are to hand for this years title being held at Maryborough Speedway on the 9th & 10th June – the last of the Queen’s Birthday weekends to be celebrated in June before this weekend moves to the first weekend in October going forward from 2012.

Nominations to hand so far are (70 and in no particular order) – Shane MacDonald, Nathan MacDonald, Steve Cook, Glenn Pagel, Joel Thomas, Wayne Fischer, Noel Clarke, Quintin Clarke, Tony Coomber, Greg Worling, Shayne Truin, Ross Bullimore, Darren White, Dennis Shallcross, Brendan Kennedy, Brett Baxter, Brendon Bayfield, Jaymee Budgen, Michael Budgen, Stephen Geritz, David Jacobi, Peter Gray, Darren Truin, Mark Ferguson, Kane Heidke, Travis Hutchison, Brett Barron, Darren Pearson, Gavin Lorensen, Trent Humphreys, Darren Ciesiolka, Jason Rees, Jeff Smith, Luke Hollyman, Ross Wellby, Michael Shelford, Daniel Evans, Steve Downes, Shannon Blackburn, Ashley Barron, TJ Horne, Johnno Collins, Tegan Jennings, David Barbeler, Nathan Barbeler, Rodney Pammenter, Graeme Jones, Steven Zahl, Jason Beer, Antony Gaunt, Wayne Gilroy, Craig Franz, Kerry Lack, Bevan Collins, Steven Janson, Adrian Stott, Darren Lyons, Steve Jordan, Aidan Raymont, Mark Raymont, Jamie O’Meara, Russell Harris, Todd Doyle, Mark Carlin, Gavin Fletcher, Lee Volk, Steve Thomsen, Matt Thomas, Josh Keene, Darren Baldwin

If you have posted your nomination form and you are not in the list above please check with Pam on 0417 137 740 – due to it being a Public Holiday in Gympie today for the local Show there was no mail sorted and will be delayed for delivery until early next week.

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