2012 Modified Production Title Night 1

09/06/12…Pam Franz

After a dull day with light drizzle the racing got underway at Maryborough Speedway to come to a premature end before 8pm when the rain became heavier and more persistent.  10 Heats were completed – results as follows:

Heat 1 – Todd Doyle, Mark Carlin, Adrian Stott, Jamie O’Meara, David Jacobi, Steve Cook, Mark Ferguson, Steve Jordan, Darren Lyon
Heat 2 – Darren Baldwin, Shane MacDonald, Trent Humphreys, Nathan MacDonald, Steve Thomsen, Peter Gray, Dennis Shallcross, Michael Budgen, Matt Thomas
Heat 3 – Johnno Collins, Gavin Fletcher, Brett Baxter, Darren Pearson, Jaymee Budgen, TJ Horne, Steven Janson, Wayne Gilroy, Steve Downes, Bevan Collins
Heat 4 – Brendan Bayfield, Shannon Blackburn, Chris Hams, Quintin Clarke, Daniel Evans, Darren White, Darren Ciesiolka, Joel Thomas, Wayne Fischer, Jason Beer
Heat 5 – Ross Bullimore, Graeme Jones, Greg Worling, Russell Harris, David Barbeler, Noel Clarke, Jason Rees, Justin Jenkins, Steven Zahl, Jeff Smith
Heat 6 – Tony Coomber, Mark Raymont, Darren Truin, Ross Wellby, Brendan Kennedy, Craig Franz, Aidan Raymont, Travis Hutchison, Shayne Truin, DQ Lee Volk
Heat 7 – Michael Shelford, Rodney Pammenter, Stephen Geritz, Gavin Lorensen, Antony Gaunt, Kerry Lack, Kane Heidke, Glenn Pagel, Joshua Keene, Luke Hollyman
Heat 8 – Mark Raymont, Noel Clarke, Johnno Collins, Steven Zahl, Antony Gaunt, Kane Heidke, Shane MacDonald, Joshua Keene, Wayne Gilroy, Lee Volk
Heat 9 – Todd Doyle, Ross Wellby, Jamie O’Meara, Steven Janson, Peter Gray, Michael Budgen, Luke Hollyman, Steve Downes, TJ Horne
Heat 10 – Darren White, Rodney Pammenter, Dennis Shallcross, Brendan Kennedy, Kerry Lack, Trent Humphreys, Jaymee Budgen, Justin Jenkins, Shayne Truin, David Jacobi

For full results, lap times and point scores – www.mylaps.com

Racing will continue subject to the weather conditions tomorrow (Sunday) from 2pm – support program will be Street Sedans and Junior Sedans.  Drivers are requested to be at the track from 11am so that car rechecks can be completed prior to competition beginning again.

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