2011/11 Street Sedan Title Maryborough 11/12th June

01/06/11…Pam Franz

On the Qld Queen’s Birthday long weekend the 2010/11 Street Sedan Title will be run at Maryborough Speedway over the two nights.  50 drivers have nominated for this event which is sure to produce some close fast hard racing.

Competitors have been allocated a time to attend scrutineering to ensure that all cars can be scrutineered in plenty of time before race time of 3pm on Saturday.

800 Josh Arthur
800 Richard Brosnan
800 Chris Elliot
815 Kerryn Goodwin
815 Gary Harris
815 Frank Packer
830 Mitch Thomsen
830 Scott Thomsen
830 Dion Wood
845 Richard Woodrow
845 Tim Atkin
845 Darren Brady
900 Selina English
900 Bradley Jennings
900 Tegan Jennings
915 Shane Jurss
915 Neil Keldoulis
915 Taran Knowles
930 Kuben Kunny
930 Brandon O’Keeffe
930 Tiffany O’Keeffe
945 Jarrod Peacock
945 Doug Rigby
945 Aaron Sander
1000 Kent Shelford
1000 Jason Slade
1000 Marshall Virtue
1030 Brad Yarrow
1030 Kristian Walker
1030 Jason Hadley
1045 Josh Harm
1045 Neil Harm
1045 TJ Horne
1100 Colin Jenkins
1100 Max Marshall
1100 Jason Protheroe
1115 Danni Wicks
1115 Josh Wicks
1115 Laurie Wicks
1130 Scott Baxter
1130 Michele Blavius
1130 Jim Cowley
1145 Sarah Franz
1145 Graham Humphreys
1145 Ben Rossow
1200 Andrew Druery
1200 John Jones
1200 Clair Cook
1200 Dianne McKeiver

Safety gear must be presented at scrutineering for both the Driver and the Passenger.  Please note that your race gear must comply with the list on pages 52/53 of the Australian Speedway Racing Rules & Regulations.  If your race gear does not comply it will be withheld at scrutineering until the end of the race meeting and you must obtain compliant race gear to be able to take part in this race meeting.

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